About the Problem

Road/traffic injuries are currently ranked 9th globally among the leading causes of disability, and the ranking is project to rise to number 3 by the year 2020. About 90 percent of the disability-adjusted life years lost worldwide due to road/traffic injuries occur in developing countries. The patients’ inability to recover is often inhibited by a poor healthcare infrastructure.

When the breadwinner of a family is injured there is usually no government sponsored support system – no insurance, or free hospital care. In many cases, the family must sell all of their possessions to pay for treatment and surgery. Often, the family moves into the hospital and members become the primary caregiver to the injured family member.

Without a SIGN Implant many injuries never heal. Patients are captured in traction for up to 3 years, or suffer amputation. With a donated SIGN Implant, the patient can be up and walking within three days.